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Jacopone's champions

2015 - Damocle di Jacopone da Todi World Champion Minor Puppy
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2016 - Dea di Jacopone da Todi Young Promise Enci - 2019 Europe Champion
2016 - Dafne di Jacopone da Todi Young Promise Enci- 2018 Intern. Champion
2015 - Napoleone di Jacopone da Todi Vice World Champion

Spring 1945. Behind the absurdities experienced on the war front not yet realized; Forward, sunny and long stretched the Via Aurelia that would bring me to my beloved green Umbria; Around me the idyll of the Maremmana forest, silent and smelling of spring ...... In those endless hours riding on the horse adopted by the regiment of the just defeated army, I reflected primarily trying to find a life of peace while shepherds and sheep From time to time crossed the Aurelia ..., my way will be like this street, I thought as I went on. Albinia, Orvieto and finally Todi; Everything was unchanged and yet different, many friends lacked, college careers had fled. My faithful friend, my horse, accompanied me to the discovery of my country's campaigns, supported the desire for peace, knew that I was a veterinarian, and that only I was able to do. I found myself in the hill of "Monteladrone", a medieval hamlet dormitory of shepherds who transgressed towards the Maremma, but from there my Todi was splendid. This hill was not loved by my fellow citizens, before the Brigand, the "The Thief" of Todi, and then improvised paths of shepherds. Me ne innamorai ..........  
Franco Simoni